2015 goals.


Making that quote my mantra this year. So far 2015 is shaping up to be pretty wonderful. As I mentioned in my previous post, I looked back on last year's resolutions, and while I certainly didn't knock it out of the park, I did pretty well. I am happy to say that I met lots of lovely new creative friends, became a yoga instructor, travelled more, experienced more of Athens, and grew my business. This year I have even more of a positive outlook and I'm feeling tremendously excited about what could happen. I have broken down the goals into two categories, personal and business. Here are some goals for 2015:


Be more punctual. I am always either right on time or late, never early. This is the most important thing for me to work on this year. My entire family will agree.

Stop procrastinating. Instead of getting overwhelmed by large projects, I will tackle them by breaking them down into manageable tasks.

Read. Every day, whether it be a magazine or book. I have so many of both stacked up that I've been meaning to read and I think the best way to tackle them is to read a little each day. See, I'm already breaking things down into manageable tasks. ;) 

Cook more during the week. At least 3-4 times. I like to cook, and I do so pretty often, but I lose motivation when I have to keep thinking of things to make. I want to challenge myself to try one new recipe a week to help me move past this rut. 

Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I am using the Waterlogged app to help with this. I have already started working on this and even though the only thing I drink at home is water, it is still hard to drink enough. However, by keeping up with it, I have noticed that I am improving each day.

Money. Be wiser and more frugal with my money. Save more. Be conscious about the products I buy. Be certain of purchases before I spend (will I want this 2, 5 or 10 years from now?).

Perspective | Comparison. Writing my last post was a great way for me to remind myself of all of the amazing things that happened last year. I am so hard on myself, but having a little perspective puts things in place for me. I am going to remember to change my outlook when I start getting frustrated with myself. This leads into comparison. We might be proud of what we've done until we look at what someone else has done. Jon Acuff sent a really great email about inspiration versus comparison recently. He said:

Criticizing people is easier than celebrating them. But one leads to jealousy and one leads to joy.

This year, I intend to have more joy. Let's celebrate each other. Celebrate the wonderful things that are happening for our friends and loved ones, instead of getting jealous. And if we do feel a bit jealous, let's immediately turn it around and make it motivate us to keep working. 

Values. I want to decide on my values. I know many of them but I want to sit down and write out what my values are for the four specific categories that Jess Lively talks about: possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career.

Make space. If you ask me what I'm doing or where I'm working, you'll probably get a five minute response because I'm doing too many things and it takes a while to explain it all. If I scale back, I get nervous and think I'm not doing enough, but when I take on too many things I get way too overwhelmed. I tell myself, and other people, that staying busy fuels me and without this many things, I'd be bored. Not true. I feel flustered and rushed and exhausted. I'm tired of feeling that way. So this year I'm making space and only taking on things that fuel me. I'm moving to Greenville, South Carolina, starting fresh, teaching more yoga, and working for King of Pops. You'll see below what my business plans are. But for now, I just want to tone it down. Maybe only two jobs. ha! And, you know, have a day off once a week. 

The soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost; to be everywhere is to be nowhere.
— Michel de Montaigne

Stop multi-tasking. One thing at a time. This will take work. Here's where I might start: do not eat and drive. do not check social media while walking my dog. do not check my emails while brushing my teeth. 

Capsule wardrobe. I want to do this. It probably won't be hard because I wear yoga pants every day of the week and I only own one pair of jeans. And, I wear the same four "nice" shirts every time I put on something other than yoga clothes. Anyway, I'm going to get rid of the things I don't wear and simplify my wardrobe even more.  


Take some time off | Reassess | Start over. I am currently working on dyeing yardage for a friend and extraordinary fashion designer and this has been one of the most challenging and stimulating projects I've ever done. However, after this, I want to step away from making and selling products (which I've already sort of done) and reassess. Kind of start over, actually.  I'm learning what I like doing and what I don't. This yardage thing is my jam, but I'm also learning that I need a studio to continue doing this. And, that's not just a dream, because what artist doesn't "need" a studio? That would be making a safer place for myself and my dogs to live. Buckets of dye and the smell of bleach is not the safest environment for my home, particularly my kitchen, where I should be cooking. Also, I jumped in with both feet from the beginning with no real plan and I now know that it wasn't the best idea to go about it that way. So, I want to write out a business plan, set attainable goals, save money, and go from there. I thought I needed to rush but it's okay for me to not have a successful business by age 25. I have my whole life ahead of me.

2015, you're lookin' good!

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