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alanah textiles is a line of naturally hand-dyed napkins + table runners available to rent for weddings, brunches, dinner parties, bridal and baby showers, holiday gatherings, Workshops, and any other soirée you have planned. made in greenville, south carolina.



I grew up on a farm just outside of Athens, Georgia. I've been working with my hands since I was little, and it is in doing so that I find fulfillment. I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for two years before returning back to Athens, where I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Fabric Design.

My love of textile design stems from my appreciation of the process. All fabrics are hand-dyed using plant and mineral dyes. I am most satisfied when I'm elbow deep in a vat of indigo dye making magic, despite having blue hands for days to come. Actually, the real joy for me comes when I am unwrapping the fabric to discover the pattern that the dye created and being surprised with each and every piece.

I hope that my textiles add an additional handmade touch to your special day or memorable event. After all, Alanah means beauty and serenity and if I can evoke that in my work, I've succeeded.